Our grinders are supplied by Bernhard and Company, manufacturers of Express Dual and Anglemaster and suppliers of the world’s finest sharpening equipment for golf courses and the turf industry.

Bernhard’s has worked alongside major mower manufacturers for many years. Through hand-on experience, Bernhard and Company has learned a great deal about improving the economy, efficiency and performance of reel mowers and the way in which they perform.

The majority of the world’s leading golf courses use Express Dual and Anglemaster, which today are the system of choice for over 75% of the top 100 U.S. golf courses. Bernhard and Company also work closely with the PGA Tour of America and Europe, as well as the USGA, to help prepare mowers for their major tournaments.

Rota-masterThe Rotamaster 4000 is Bernhard’s new and improved automatic rotary blade sharpener. With a new unique clamp mechanism and fast aligning jig bars, blade mounting is now easier and faster than ever before, delivering significant benefits in overall cycle time.

Rotamaster ensures both ends of the blade are sharpened equally with the precision only an automated machine can deliver, so your rotary blades have a superior edge with consistent balance for a better quality of cut, resulting in longer lasting blades and better looking grass.

img-angle-master4000The Anglemaster has been developed to meet the needs of the most demanding user, grinding all bedknives to within one thousandth of an inch. Anglemaster takes the guesswork out of finding angles – the control panel does it for you. This innovation introduces membrane key panels on the Anglemaster bedknife grinder. The panel includes a digital display of grind angles, allowing for an easy comparison between the current angle on a bedknife and the desired angle to be ground. With its fine tolerances and ability to produce any desired angle, the Anglemaster ensures that the reel and bedknife work in perfect harmony.

The Anglemaster is simple to set up and use. It provides accurate grinds to one thousandth of an inch and the unique bedknife angle indicator positions bedknives of any size to any desired angle. The Anglemaster grinds bedknives up to 40” long and has heavy-duty, robust construction that prevents flexing.

img-express-dualThe Express Dual Automatic Spin Grinding System is renowned all over the world for superb grind quality at lightning speed with simplicity, ease of use, exceptional reliability and long life. The Express Dual offers major benefits to your operation by reducing maintenance costs and downtime whilst improving the health of your turf. The unique auto-cut provides accurate finish, eliminates need for lapping and extra relief thereby dramatically reducing maintenance costs and also improving the health of your turf.

Mowers are ground in-situ, with no need to remove bedknives or rollers. There is also a fast turnaround – 5 minutes for greens unit, 12 minutes for fairway unit, floor-to-floor. The Express Dual has solid, rigid, torsion loaded box construction and super safe, self-aligning, torque controls.

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