Golf Cars

We have wide selection of New Golf Cars as well as Utility Cars, Multi-passenger Cars and Beverage Cars. See below for some of the new cars available and as always, feel free to Request a Quote.

Yahama Drive Golf Car

Yamaha designed the DRIVE to bring a smile to the fleet owner. An automotive-style dash that provides your golfers with all creature comforts puts everything within easy reach. The thermoplastic olefin body panels are puncture resistant, cold weather resistant, and closely color matched to the extra-durable automotive-grade polyurethane paint that goes on them. And on the electric, there’s a motor control unit that moderates speed on downhill stretches and simultaneously recharges the batteries.

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Golf Cars
Golf Cars

Yahama Adventurer Utility Car

The Adventurer is the latest in a long line of Yamaha utility vehicles to help you get any job done. Each comes with a multitude of standard features like a pneumatic-assisted tilting dump bed with up to an 800 lb. payload capacity. No matter the task, big or small, this trusted companion is ready to help you shoulder the burden.

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Yahama Concierge Fleet Car

The Concierge from Yamaha is designed to get them where they’re going and make them glad they made the trip. Equipped with a comfortable seat, a smooth, quiet ride and body lines that make you smile, the Concierge is more than a means of getting from point A to point B.

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Golf Cars
Golf Cars

Yahama Fairway Lounge Beverage Car

For beverage cars and refreshment vehicles, we feature Yamaha’s Fairway Lounge. Imagine this. It’s 90 degrees outside and you have three thirsty foursomes entering the back nine.

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